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Originally Posted by ruari View Post
Also, has anyone tried any of the following?

24X2.8/3.0" (76-507) Mongoose:
I picked up one of these for my son's Torker DX 24". It's actually a Chaoyang Sparrow 24x3. I assume it's listed as a Mongoose tire because it's OEM on their kids plus size bike. The Amazon listing calls it a 2.8/3.0 because it's no where near 3" in width.

On the 39mm wide DX32 it measures 68mm at the knobs (66mm casing) so not even a 2.8 on this rim, but it's just about the largest tire the Torker has clearance for. I weighed it at just under 900g.

The width and tread is very similar to the Vee Trax Fatty that I have on a 26" wheel (the same tread pattern is on the Vee 36").

I'd say the tire is good for all around use - it has good road manners, and the knobs offer enough grip for dry/packed trails.
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