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Originally Posted by setto View Post
Some friends of mine have a cat and they treat it like a real baby. Its a farely rare cat, about 2 years old, and worth about $1400. They had to move overseas... so I ended up with it and i promised to care for it, pamper it, love it etc etc They literally cried when they handed it over to me.

Every few weeks they like me to send them pictures of the cat, which has been easy enough up until now.

I ran over the cat in my driveway, and now its dead. But I need to keep pretending thats its alive or else they will be devastated.

Basically I really need to keep sending them pictures of it so i was wondering if people could either send some pictures of any cats they have or else do some photo editing... its a completely black cat so fairly average looking. Then i can pass these pictures on and keep the peace...

If you have got any better ideas please feel free to share them as I'm in a bit of a predicament.
Let me guess they are childless... It's the childless couples who over pamper their pets. No matter what they are going to find out. Didn't you learn anything from watching "Meet the Parents?".

Seriously the truth is what is called for here. As hard as it will be for you and them, it is the RIGHT thing to do. No good can come from continued deception. If they ever found out about the deception they will be doubly hurt at your betrayal of their trust.

To put my hardass hat back on a little bit, it's not your fault they treated a pet like a surrogate child. The loss of a pet is never easy but their cooing and coddling is not your problem.

On the other hand you ran over the cat, tell them what happened, take the consequences and move on. This is life, Good and bad happens.
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