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Originally Posted by saskatchewanian View Post
Poisons often mean different things to urban and rural populations. Urban citizens seem to get their ideas of poison mostly from movies where they may be used against people by villains while rural people are more likely to know that most poisons that are used are critical for food production and keep everyones bellies full.
Great point!

Reminds me of how after the WTC bombing in the early 90's farmers had to jump through all kinds of legal hoops to buy their regular high-test fertilizer. It seems the FBI was worried anyone buying the stuff was trying to build a bomb.

Likewise, a machine shop with buckets of aluminum shavings and iron filings is pretty benign, while a group of anarchists with the same supplies could be cause for concern.

It's all relative and the big takeaway here is that when regulating all of this, we need to be careful not to respond to the first knee-jerk in the aftermath of as disaster and paint it all with too broad a brush.
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