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How can I get _NOT_ to put (yet another)
sticker on my next uni. I have four unicycles now, 2
stickers per, which is 8 stickers. I feel like a one wheel
mobile billboard. Does anyone know if they will leave the stickers off
upon request?
This is one of my pet peevs too. I hate being a moble billboard without doing it on my own free will. I proudly display a bumpersticker on my snowboard, and have profile and other companies stickers on my helmit. is getting excessive with the stickers too, my friends last uni had 3 stickers on it 1 on each inside part of the fork, 1 on the seat post tube. I havent asked them to leave the stickers off of any of my orders, but hopefully they will. Like you I gladly refer people to their company all the time, but just dont like stickers on my frame.

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