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Re: Production KH24 photos

"Frank A." wrote:

> But the trails closest to my home are very technical and tough...

Hello Frank,

Thanks for the reply and nice post/pics of your uni. I like the
upgrades. Are your cranks 170mm? They look shorter to me in the image.

The conditions in which I prefer and often ride are also technical
wooded areas with bumps, branches etc. Although, I do have some interest
in downhill which is one of my motivations for the KH24 setup- the brake
option. Do you use the brake on technical rides?

> Honestly, would you ever have imagined that you could get this much
> unicycle for the price?

As I stated earlier I think the KH24 is a better buy for the money, the
caveat for me is whether or not broken parts can easily be replaced.
Kris H. (danger_uni) addressed this issue when he stated that some
replacement parts may soon be available. He also addressed the
bearing/wheelset issue (shims). I feel allot better knowing that I can
replace the wheelset if necessary.

I'll probably never bend or break a crank or a hub due to my limited
skills and style of riding, but you just never know... they might start
to rust up here during our Alaska winters.

The next conundrum...
How can I get _NOT_ to put (yet another)
sticker on my next uni. I have four unicycles now, 2
stickers per, which is 8 stickers. I feel like a one wheel
mobile billboard. Does anyone know if they will leave the stickers off
upon request?

If someone asks where I purchased my unicycle, I can happily tell
them... (


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