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KH DH Cranks

The more I thought about your post - I think I misunderstood you in my prev reply.

If I were to buy a uni w/ the idea of selling the cranks - I would think there might be more demand for the 125/150s as more people may ride those, but also more supply since the KHs are mostly specd with those lengths.

I'm a good example - I mentioned I had the 137/165 KH Spirit disc cranks for sale ( those lengths didn't end up working for me), and at 1 point I was looking for a set of 125/150s (might be again sometime).

There may be a group of folks like me who ride the common stock 150 mm length, who are looking to upgrade their stock Nimbus cranks to KH so they can run a disc?

I'm also thinking -This question maybe should be moved out of the Trading Post area?
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