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Originally Posted by naturequack View Post
I won't hazard a guess on breaking the one hour mark but I will say that when the day comes that skinny and light 36" tires are available we'll see a big drop in times. Although the technology has leaped forward with the Schlumpf, distance unicycling is still in it's adolescence. We need to make our wheels start to resemble bicycle wheels. Just bigger in diameter. The technology is there, the only thing holding us back is market force. An order of 500 to 1000 would be enough profit to spur development of skinny 36" tires. Someday soon we'll look back at this summit shot with our proud faces and fat and heavy tires just like we look at pictures of skiers from a hundred years ago with their 8 foot wooden skis. "Egads! Look at the size of those things!"
I think it's a lot more likely that we'll wind up with bike-sized wheels, with higher gearing than we currently have, than that we'll wind up with lightweight 36" wheels.
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