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Rob, Yes that's the "Florian Green" by Pete Perron. (That was the best-spent chunk of change that I ever diverted from my children's college fund.) Cranks are 165 mm and it has an internally drilled rim. The last quarter mile is super steep, I don't think I could have ridden on cranks much shorter than that. Keep in mind that Beau beat me by 3 & 1/2 minutes with 125 mm cranks.

So I agree with Nathan that different people with different riding styles have different ideal unis. I love my 36" guni with long cranks. But I could see Tom riding that fast with a skinny 29" guni with long cranks. The steeper the hill, the less advantage the 36" has over the 29". But I think on this course the 36" still has the advantage, so far....

I won't hazard a guess on breaking the one hour mark but I will say that when the day comes that skinny and light 36" tires are available we'll see a big drop in times. Although the technology has leaped forward with the Schlumpf, distance unicycling is still in it's adolescence. We need to make our wheels start to resemble bicycle wheels. Just bigger in diameter. The technology is there, the only thing holding us back is market force. An order of 500 to 1000 would be enough profit to spur development of skinny 36" tires. Someday soon we'll look back at this summit shot with our proud faces and fat and heavy tires just like we look at pictures of skiers from a hundred years ago with their 8 foot wooden skis. "Egads! Look at the size of those things!"

Tech talk aside, it was a fabulous day. Perfect weather. Great riders. Wonderful people all around. Beau rode an excellent race. He rode like the wind. I caught just a few glimpses of him from a mile back on the switch backs. He made it look effortless and he probably didn't sound half as ugly as I did as I was grunting my way up the last steep section. Congratulations Beau. Thanks to all the riders for making this a memorable day.

Pictured in the summit shot here are: Jim Sowers, Tom Holub, Nathan Hoover, Beau Hoover, Scot Cooper, Geoff Houghton
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