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Great sleuthing, Vertigo!
Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
Humbolt Room Photograph Collection

Collection: Swanlund-Baker
Photo ID: 1999.01.0356
Author/Creator: Baker, Ray Jerome
Date: 1907?
Title: Court Edwards and his Unicycle - about 1907 in Sequoia Park
glass 8x10 in very good b & w photographic negative
Beautiful photo from an 8"x10" glass negative, hundreds of megapixels even scanning at a modest resolution. I'm still not completely sure what he's got going on with the handlebar mounts though. And it doesn't quite look like a Brooks logo on the saddle in that photo.

Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
He was a bicycle performer and he wanted his wife to become one also and travel with him. When She objected from the standpoint of modesty he deserted her, she alleges, and took with him another woman who was willing to wear tights.
Probably a deal breaker for me too.
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