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Unicycle Spinning Disc Bashguard v2.2

So, as promised earlier, I have refined my SPinning Uni Disc BAshGuard (SPUDBAG); taking into consideration the variety of reactions to the 1st prototype.

So - for you safety oriented types, I have ground off the teeth and made a "safety model": The SPUDBAG-BB "Big Baby" model

Here are a few mock-up pics showing front a and side views which should clarify some of the questions about ankle clearance and q factor.

These were taken using a KH26 Frame, KH Moment Hub, and KH Spirit 125/150 cranks. The disc is 180mm - notice the guard is slightly smaller than the disc ( it is slightly larger than a 160mm disc). Caliper is a Shimano hydraulic SH-M486.

Note - I messed up in my earlier post - disc shown was a 160mm disc, not a 180mm.
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