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Originally Posted by Piece Maker View Post
Sorry if I'm being dense, I'm really not sure how this is an issue...

If you take a Nimbus hub, and flip it over so the disc mount is on the 'wrong' side, are you not still able to mount the caliper right where it normally goes (Either on the KH frame's caliper mounts, or using a Nimbus d'brake, mounted to the wrong fork)? How would this result in the caliper being on the front?

I suppose there are also those M4O frames that have a caliper mount on each side...

Then your KH crank will be on its 'correct' side, and you can screw a bash guard into it.
The caliper is not ambidextrous. I think the only way your plan would work is to take an inboard mount frame like a Nimbus and turn it around so that the caliper is on the front right, with the rotor inboard. That would look funny but should work ok.
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