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Hi John

The really wide rims can change the way a tire acts.

It sounds like you want to learn on a 3" tire, which isn't the norm, but definitely dooable. There are some people who have ridden 3" tires on 65mm rims and liked it but in my opinion you are getting too wide for the tire. Autosteer will be more pronounced on side slopes and you put yourself at risk of pinch-flats without really gaining any advantages over a more "standard" size unicycle rim.

If I were in your situation (wanting a hatchet, price not a major factor, fist unicycle, but comfortable with tinkering and swapping things around) I would get the hatchet but also build up a 24" MUni wheel with a standard 42-47mm wide rim to take a 2.5 to 3.0 tire. It would be much easier to learn on than a full fat 26 and still be usable when you become an advanced rider and just want a more nimble wheel on tight or steep trails. I would build it on a disk hub but suggest against having the brake installed to start.
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