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For me muni tyres comes down to two factors: Sideways stability and fun. These two factors are mutually exclusive, you can't have both, but you can compromise. This year I've put handlebars on my munis and it helps a great deal with controlling the beasts.

I've grouped the muni tyres I have some experience with:

Sideways stability:
24/26 x 3 Duro Leopard Wildlife
27.5 x 3 Surly Dirt Wizard

27.5 x 3.25 Duro Crux

26 x 3 Surly Knard
26 x 3.8 Surly Nate

Can't ride it:
Schwalbe Jumbo Jim 26 x 4.8 (I was all over the place)

My latest purchase is the 27.5 x 3 Surly Dirt Wizard. I really like it. I can keep my balance pretty good (sideways stability), it's very presice, and it's lighter than the Wildlife. Because of this I get pretty confident. I guess it can be fun sometimes to be in control, but it's not the roller coaster kind of fun that you get with other tyres. The drops feels a bit hard though, and I really have to pay attention to the terrain in front of me or else I'll get thrown off by small roots or bumps (bigger roots and bumps are no problem). And yes, it lives up to it's name. Great on dirt and mud.

If I have a very good day, the Surly Knard is the best. Light, playfull and bouncy. But when I have an off day I struggle with it, especially when it comes to sideways balance. The Nate is in the same category, but it rolls over more stuff and is heavier an more bouncy.

In the middle you have the Duro Crux wich is really great.

The weight of the tyre gives you an indication on were to place it on the sideways stability/fun scale I think.
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