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Yup, varial roll. That's a really pretty skill.

Erik, I know what you mean about learning these skills. I haven't worked on them very much yet since I didn't know about them before this thread - but I think they may just look a little bit easier than they are...most of this freestyle stuff is not eye-popping in the way a standup wheelwalk is for example, but I'm sure is just as difficult...

Try breaking things down into simple steps, and then mastering them in order, like the donkey kick tutorial suggests. For example, when I start working on seatwraps and other similar skills, I'm going to run electrical tape around my fork and through my spokes so my wheel won't be able to turn. That way I can allow my muscle memory to learn the requisite movements over a period of days, until I can do it quickly and simply, flawlessly, and only then will I add in the element of front/back balance by removing the tape. Then, I'll learn the seatwrap like normal, but I'll be miles ahead of someone learning from scratch.
Another advantage of small steps is that you can notice on a daily basis that you actually ARE improving, which is comforting.
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