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Originally Posted by IntoIt View Post
ok, I'll shoot out a suggestion. I have seen someone who, while doing rolling wraps and junk, sort of stepped around the unicycle, actually I've seen it more than once, so that he was then facing the opposite direction.... so essentially it was a 180 with his body, and it did not require a hop. A tutorial for that would go really well with some of the other skills shown here. Or stand-up wheel walk - that's one I'm having a difficult time figuring out...
Intoit , i know what are you talking , when you do the roll, hop with both feet the who are above of the wheel and the other are in the crank ,and turn your body 180 and fall on the pedals who are in the horizontal position , While you hop switch the hands are grabing the seat.
Important , you doing the rolling and jumping after the rolling so then when you drop the cranks are in a position counter to the start of the rolling!!!
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