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Originally Posted by TwoLeftFeet View Post
If I fail several times, I will walk my uni back to a column, do assisted mount, and ride again.
I am interested in how that philosophy affects how much time you spend practicing free mounting.

If you practiced playing a musical passage incorrectly four times, then played it correctly on the fifth time, I would say that you played it wrong four out of five times. But I don't think the same applies to the unicycle. If you ride away from a mount on the fifth time, you've learned something that sort of erases all the incorrect times you did it. In other words, the first, second, third and fourth time don't count as "repeating failure". The difference between these two scenarios is that on the unicycle, when we succeed, there is a physical form of feedback to promote learning, whereas on the musical instrument there is only an aesthetic sense that something was done correctly.

To stop practicing a mount after several failed attempts seems worse than merely "cutting your losses". If you stop before succeeding, all you have to remember is failure.
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