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Originally Posted by TwoLeftFeet View Post
Sometimes when I fail and fail to mount, I'm thinking of switching methods.
Counting only successful freemounts might give you a more positive outlook. Set a goal of 5 of them per day or something. It may take you more than 100 tries, but I bet it won't, and it will give you an "incentive" to succeed. If every time you practice, you know that you are in it for the long haul of 100 attempts, you might get bored and lose focus. Knowing that your freemounting practice drills are over for the day if you do 5 good ones, on the other hand, well, I think that could sharpen your concentration and speed up your progress. I have found that learning skills is best done in short sessions -half an hour or so- and practicing something incorrectly creates bad habits. Of course more practice almost always gets better results than less practice, but sometimes only a tiny bit better. Staying inspired can be important, and for that, sometimes less is more.

Hope this helps!
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