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Bearing Housing Screw Tightness Question

My apologies for starting a new thread on this. I tried searching for an answer, but could not find it in the time that I had...

I ride a KH29 and have been riding more aggressively 3 times a week on trails with >20% grades, single tracks with switchback, severely rocky trails, etc.

I started to notice a lot of creaking in my uni, and found most of my seat screws loose. Easy fix. However, I was surprised to find that two of the bearing housing screws (one on each side) were lose. They were loose enough that I wonder if the only reason they did not back out the entire way was because the blue Loctite kept enough friction in the threads so they did not rotate freely after becoming loose...

Anyway, I put on a lot more blue Loctite and tightened all four screws again. This time, I tightened them more than I ever have before. I tightened them so that the tire would only rotate 1/2 a rotation when spun softly by hand. In the past, when I'd perform the "spin test" to make sure the bearing housing screws were not too tight, the wheel would spin freely and come to a gentle/slow stop. This time, the wheel still turns freely, but after only 1/2 a rotation comes to a fairly sudden stop. It's obvious that there is more friction in the bearings.

Can anyone speak from experience with this much compression on the bearings? First, I'm wondering if I actually need to tighten the bearing housing screws to be this tight because of the more aggressive riding. Second, I'm wondering if my bearings will be OK with this much compression, if I ride 3 times a week (10+ miles each ride).

Thanks very much in advance!
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