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Yeah, North Korean defectors are sometimes not so honest. One of them admitted to having made up key parts of his story (Escape from Camp 14) after it was published as a book and translated into 27 languages, and after he had been fêted by all sorts of “pro-democracy” foundations and American news outlets.

North Korean people are definitely kept in the dark in many ways, but they do know about the Korean War. A few years ago on You Tube, I watched a North Korean movie, Wolmi Island, that tells the story of an artillery unit that stood its ground against the US Navy. The movie gives an idea of life under a “Great Leader” who must be obeyed at all costs because his army is the only thing protecting the population from imperial slaughter.

He walked on water, North Koreans allegedly believe, but for them the Korean War, strictly in terms of percentage of the population killed, was equivalent to about 20,000 September 11ths. In addition, there was starvation, mass homelessness and torture and rape by US and UN soldiers, and by the capitalist military dictatorship that was installed in the South. Since the “Great Leader” put an end to this nightmare, maybe believing that he could also walk on water was not such a stretch.

Some North Koreans still go hungry, but they have a film industry, a subway system, music festivals and so on. Their kids play a lot of shitty patriotic music, but they play it well. Here in the USA, I once went to a recital of Korean music, played on a traditional instrument called the kayagum, and the performer told the audience that her instrument had almost completely disappeared from South Korea, and was only kept alive by the North’s musical education system. For a nation that was nearly erased, with more bombs dropped on it than were dropped in the entire Pacific theater in all of World War 2, North Korea is not doing so badly!

Other countries targeted by US imperialism are less fortunate. Iraq and Afghanistan lie in ruins. Syria is in the midst of a civil and regional war that is threatening to go nuclear. Libya, which until six years ago had one of the highest standards of living in Africa, no longer even has a government. It is ruled by warring Islamist factions and is starting to have a slave trade...
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