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Originally Posted by wobbling bear View Post
.... and I am stunned by the proliferations of hateniks all over Europe and sad to discover this is also mainstream in the US for me hate is a weakness that disguises itself as strength).
It is. But a powerful tool for politicians who want to appeal to the more base nature of people. Fortunately the haters in this country are relatively a minority. Still too many, but far from a majority.

Originally Posted by song View Post
The right to vote is important, but the Democratic Party of Racism and War and the Republican Party of Racism and War do not deserve your vote unless you own a bank or something.
So don't vote? That won't work either. What we need are better candidates. Surely you don't think the billionaire will be an agent of change for the little people? I anticipate that he would be even more friendly to the banking establishment. If that's possible.
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