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Originally Posted by harper View Post
I'm voting for PeeWee Herman for the same reason.
And a vote for PeeWee is not a vote for Trump, which has to be a good thing. Yes, Trump is anti-establishment. Or at least he's anti-political establishment. But he's also anti-minorities, anti-women, anti one whole major religion, and especially anti-truth. Trump's stance on things changes from day to day, as does his recollection of what he said yesterday. I have to believe that the only thing that motivates Trump is anything that builds Trump's ego or the Trump brand. He does not care about anything else, at least beyond whether or not it makes him look good/tough/successful/endowed in a manly way.

Not that I have an opinion about that.

I wish I could vote for Kasich, but it's unlikely we will get the chance. He's the only candidate I actually like, and I like him a lot. He seems like old-school presidential material; someone we can actually look up to.

Alfred E. Neuman is honest about his idiocy. That alone makes him a better choice than Trump.
Originally Posted by saskatchewanian
And the fact that each party does it differently but at the same time and each state has it's own delegate allotment rules really makes me scratch my head.
That's partially explained by the long name of our country, United States of America. So the states have some degree of autonomy, and some like to be more autonomous than others.
Originally Posted by saskatchewanian
Are there a crap-load of delegates who truly support each candidate hoping to get on the list so they can vote for their prospective party leader? A certain number of delegates who are told who to vote for by the rules of each state? or are they even people? just a number of "votes" in this messed up version of democracy?
We're a democratic republic, though I'm not sure if that has anything to do with our odd election process. If not anything else, it helps to prolong the agony of picking our next leader.

And you forgot to ask about the Electoral College...
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