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Originally Posted by johnfoss View Post
Pretty much any sport that involves moving vehicles. The vast amount of the deadly stuff is easy to avoid. Stay away from cliffs, cars, wild animals, etc....
Add horses to my list above.
I know what you mean. I used to work for a motorcycle school in Nassau County, NY, which has a larger population than 13 of the US states. Riding on roads with traffic is an act of faith. Even if you're playing by all the rules and riding as safely as possible, it only takes one idiot on their cell phone to potentially ruin your whole life.
Horses have a mind of their own, any animal is unpredicatable. I don't want to be on one if it goes into panic mode etc.

I have known too many good people who ended up as statistics due to traffic mishaps. I had too many close calls before those things were around. The cell phone has to be the worst thing that has ever happened to driving. The replacement of most automobiles with 100% self driving computerized units can't happen soon enough. I am sure that the number of vehicular accidents would be dramatically reduced.

I would love to cycle as transportation, but don't want to risk becoming road pizza. Cycle theft is also a much bigger problem than car theft. When self driving cars becoming the norm, it would be a lot safer for everyone, especially cyclists.

While I am all for learning better control of the unicycle, I have a motorcycle trials background and love to challenge obstacles. Still, there are some things I would never do even if I had the skill. I am sure we have all seen the examples of those riding on a narrrow edge with a huge gravity cavity where failure equals certain death. I'll pass and increase my odds of being around for another day.

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