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Originally Posted by Up Rite View Post
Just what have I gotten myself into?
Pretty much any sport that involves moving vehicles. The vast amount of the deadly stuff is easy to avoid. Stay away from cliffs, cars, wild animals, etc....
Originally Posted by Setonix View Post
...and once the horse fell on top of her, leaving her in a wheelchair for 2 months. The chance of being in such a situation on a uni is mighty small.
Add horses to my list above.
Originally Posted by Up Rite View Post
Went through a lot of underwear and eventually took the cowards way out, and stuck to 4 wheels.
I know what you mean. I used to work for a motorcycle school in Nassau County, NY, which has a larger population than 13 of the US states. Riding on roads with traffic is an act of faith. Even if you're playing by all the rules and riding as safely as possible, it only takes one idiot on their cell phone to potentially ruin your whole life.
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