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Originally Posted by Up Rite View Post
Much inspiring stuff here, but sad to read about accidents, injuries and even deaths.

When I opened Kris Holms Unicycling book, he states that this is potentially dangerous and can led to serious injuries and even death.

Just what have I gotten myself into?
It just depends on how and where you ride. If you only ride distance then death is out of the question, as long as you are not mauled down by a car or truck ^_^. Doing stunts on factory chimneys hundreds of metres above the ground or along the edge of a dam, you must have a death wish. With careful riding and protection, the chance of serious injuries is pretty small I think.
My sis rides horses and she had a concussion twice even with a cap and once the horse fell on top of her, leaving her in a wheelchair for 2 months. The chance of being in such a situation on a uni is mighty small. (she thinks riding a uni is scary ^_^)
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