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Originally Posted by wobblysteve View Post
Gockie, sorry, stupid questions follow ... what are 'camber issues'?
I assume that the road camber makes it hard to ride a uni straight right?
Do you always need to re-change your direction against the camber?
It's hard to ride straight when there's road camber. Most unis I have no issues. Others are simply horrid!

When I feel camber, I end up with my body tilted to one side, (very uncomfortable to ride) and when it's really bad an arm is needed, waving about like a beginner to stay mounted.

Sometimes you just have to look for the flattest piece of road ahead, even if its towards the centre of the road.
I've been told to move my foot to the outside of the pedal on the low side, but it's not that easy to do while riding (some pedals have pins for better grip, but it means you really have to think about taking your foot off to change its position on the pedal.)

I think tyres with greater cross section volume have this issue more than smaller tyres, and maybe the tyre's wall stiffness is involved. Certainly tyre pressure is involved, making the uni more or less susceptible to camber. Worth trying to swap tyres and trying different air pressures to find what is best.
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