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Details for Sunday:

After a day high up in the mountains, and a day going down these very mountains, we'll officially finish the muni weekend at the best coastal riding spot in SoCal: Laguna.

We'll meet at 10am at the Aliso Viejo Canyon View Staging Area

There is free street parking, but it can be quite crowded, so please facor in some time to find parking.

Here is an overview of the area with most of the trails:

Everyone will start together, going up Cholla to West Ridge. We'll follow West Ridge to get to Top of the World. On the way, advanced riders will do Stairsteps as an out-and-back. It's quite short, but very technical (the name is very appropriate).

At Top of the World, we'll rest, enjoy the ocean views, and wait until everyone arrives. On the way back, advanced riders will do Car Wreck. This trail has some very fun and extended rock sections. The easy alternative is Mathis. Everyone will regroup in the valley and we'll take Coyote Run and Wood Canyon back to the cars.

Those who are thirsty for more Laguna gnar will have the chance to do a Telonics shuttle run. It starts at Top of the World:
and ends at this parking lot:
Disclaimer: this is an unsanctioned trail, but it's one of the most iconic trails of the area - highly recommended.

Great news: Bill Hunker, who lives nearby, has offered to host us for lunch! Huge thanks to him! His address will be announced on site.

We'll end the day by going to the beach, relaxing, and enjoying the sunset
My videos!

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