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California Muni Weekend 2019 - Los Angeles

Nov 8-11, 2019

California Muni Weekend comes back to LA for 2019! Last minute, but better than skipping it. Lance and I will organize some fun rides over Veteran's Day weekend, for both advanced and beginner muni riders.

For now, please save the date. More details will be announced soon. What is certain so far is that there will be party at Lance's place on Saturday, just like last year! Don't miss it

In terms of trails, we've got enough so that we can do a completely different selection compared to last year. I'm thinking about a day at Chilao, high up in the Angeles National Forest (that's where the cover photo is from), and one day around Laguna/Aliso Viejo, which we skipped last year. We can also do a Mount Wilson shuttle, but go down the so-called Dark Side (last year, we did Front Side). Also, if there are any trails from last year that you would really like to do again, let me know!
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