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Originally Posted by song View Post
I am not saying that’s what will happen, but we may be closer to that point now than ever before, and the newspapers seem to be in war mode whenever they talk about Russia or Putin.
Close now? I hope not. I think the Cuban Missile Crisis was really "the brink" and the current situation is mostly posturing and rhetoric (I hope I'm right). North Korea has nukes but hopefully Kim is sane enough to realize that if he uses one, the consequences would probably be much worse for him than for anyone else.

Russia is rubbing its hands together and laughing at our incompetence over here while our President tries to pretend there was no meddling in the election or that Russian meddling isn't a big deal, while whatever the Russians have on him continues to run his playbook. God help us.
Originally Posted by wobbling bear View Post
Imagine that in the US: a new party pops out from nowhere just in between democrats and republicans and grabs the presidency and the majority in the senate!
That might actually happen going into the 2020 elections; I wouldn't be surprised...
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