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Regedit is the command prompt to use to open your registry.

Start > run > regedit. Or Start > Run > cmd or command prompt (same thing) > regedit.

IN here you can manually delete programs and settings, and change a lot of stuff, but deleting one tiny piece of information in your computers registry can really screw your computer up. So its a delicate process in a way.

Here is how to disable Flash through your registry. =p
Click start > Run > Regedit.

Go to this directory.
--------------------------------Internet Explorer/
----------------------------------------ActiveX Compatibility

Right click on the 'ActiveX Compatibility' and select new > Key
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Name this new Key - {D27CDB6E-AE6D-11CF-96B8-444553540000}

It may already exist, if so, just go through your ActiveX Compatibility until you find it.

Now once your in the {d27... key, create a DWORD value. Name it Compatibility Flags.
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Set Value Data to 400 and Base to Hexadecimal. Do this by right clicking on it, and clicking on the option that says MODIFY. It should be bold and the very first option.
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Seems a little complicated but its very easy when you start.

When you want to enable Flash again, you just have to go back to this key and delete it. =p
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