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Originally Posted by William393 View Post
SRAM cranks (175's)
Those are pretty long. If your emphasis is on juggling, they're probably fine for now, until you get comfortable doing it on the 36. Then, if you want to do longer distances, try some 150s, which I believe is the stock size that most 36ers come with. 125 will also work fine for your flat environment, but if your juggle/riding involves delicate maneuvering, stick to the 150s. Note that after riding 175s, anything shorter will be scary at first. Give them time.
I'm not sure if I want to raise the seat so my legs extend more fully.
My general rule for 36" seat height is to keep it a bit above the traditional "full" height, which is if your heel is on the pedal when it's at the bottom, you should only have a slight bend in your knee. I go at least 1/4" lower than I would on a smaller wheel, to cover those situations where I hit an unseen bump. You don't want to get bounced off the seat and have a foot leave the pedal, you might be going fast!
Lets see if i even try the brake.
You can save it for later. The Brake can also be useful when stopping. People who are good at it (and confident) can just lean back and apply the brake hard, to bring them to a no-footed stop. Otherwise it's just a way to be kind to your knees when stopping or riding down a big hill.
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