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Originally Posted by kamikaze View Post
Those averages are for obstacle-free courses, I guess. Traffic lights ruin your averages. E.g. my 36" cruising speed is 17-18 km/h, my average is 14 km/h, because I have a lot of traffic lights and construction on my way.

On a well-paved bicycle path the cruising speed goes up to 20 km/h.

On the 26" my cruising speed was ~15 km/h, around 17 km/h on a well-paved bicycle path. My top speeds were in the range between 20 and 21 km/h or up to 24 km/h downhill (I only went that far at the end of a decline). My 26" is equipped with 115 mm cranks, I used to ride 100 mm, which feels faster, but according to the cycle computer it isn't. So I went back to 115 mm for the additional control.
But are those speeds on flat terrain or with hills. Here in Denmark there are hills everywhere. For me it is impossible to ride even 5 km without riding up hills. Last weekend I managed 12km in 1 hour on a 29inch. Then again I'm a relative beginner with only 4 months of experience.
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