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Originally Posted by Shmolagin View Post
Good idea! Although I'm not sure how helpful that would be with only 1 or 2 wheel sizes.
How many wheel sizes does NASCAR use? In other words, the data is extremely helpful within the context of the respective sport. We have four main wheel sizes in unicycle racing:
20" - Mostly used by kids 10 and under
24" - Track, and people who don't have something bigger for the 10k
29" - The low end of "unlimited" for longer Road races
36" - Biggest size commonly available
Add Schlumpf to complicate things, but also gives you additional comparitive wheel sizes (which should always be used in context; a 54" wheel does not handle like a 36" with Schlumpf)

Originally Posted by Shmolagin View Post
Someone named Dennis Bratland deleted the section after I modified it anyway.
Was he being a brat? Or maybe that's just where he lives...
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