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Originally Posted by finnspin View Post
there have been many times I and many others have seen riders only managing to ride after they finally put weight on their seat.
If you read what I wrote again you will see that I suggest getting weight on the seat "As soon as they manage a couple of revolutions".

You said "finally put weight on their seat" which is a world of difference from what I wrote.

I stand by what I wrote about trying to put weight on the seat from the very beginning which appears to be what both Eli and Chris are suggesting. It is common mistake that often leads to the impression of impossibility and inhibits progress.

Moreover I note you said nothing about my "blue line" comment where I explicitly noted the parts of the video that showed it was incorrect. It amazes me how often uncyclists offer advice about riding yet fail to acknowledge the single most important aspect that the unicycle needs to be leaning slightly backwards for stability. Some even continue to argue to the contrary in the face of photographic evidence.

You could have addressed this but instead you made a thinly veiled personal attack, something people often do when they have nothing intelligent to contribute.

I have also come to realise that you have habitually denigrated any posts where people attempt to discuss the dynamics of unicycling in an effort to stifle discussion.

I suggest that if you don't have the ability to participate in such discussions that you don't bother to post on those treads and let the rest of us who can articulate such matters get on with developing our collective understanding.

BTW I have had a lifelong interest in mechanical dynamics. I have studied it at great detail along with more than a passing interest in Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, Cosmology and Evolutionary Biology, subjects in which I have a working understanding. Consequently, your naive concepts of "irreducible complexity" are an anathema to me.
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