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Originally Posted by newob View Post
How would you describe the build quality of your new ride?
As far as I can see- outstanding.

Which I expected, as I've had a quax 26 for coming up to a year and it's been an excellent machine with zero issues- I think most of the high end quax stuff is good build.

It's got the ISIS hub- in the case of the 36-er it's the red hub, which is not rated as being as strong as the yellow one on the 26-er, but as the 36-ers a road machine, it doesn't need the strongest hub.

Machined bearing holders, look similar to the ones on the KH.

Cranks look strong- though I've now switched them out to the nimbus venture 160mms as I needed longer ones.

Saddle seemed OK on the short rides I've done- I fully expect to be swapping it for something different as, personally, I generally find quax saddles not that comfortable on longer rides.

On the whole, I'd say build quality is fine- I regard quax, KH and Nimbus as being, for my purposes, pretty much as good as each other i.e. you won't go wrong with any of them.
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