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Just to clear up something that looks a little weird.

Originally Posted by ruari View Post
…First time I tried 102mm (on my 26"x2.8)…

…Recently I did try 89mm on the 26x3.0…

…It is interesting that just 10mm less can make such a difference…
Sorry, that is a 13mm change! In my head I am just rounding off to 100m and 90mm.

To clarify a little further, my 26" has an ISIS hub. The 102mm cranks I bought by mistake were Venture 2 cranks. I later switched to VCX+ cranks in the 100mm position (thus losing 2mm). Then I tried 89mm QU-AX cranks (losing the other 11mm).

On the URC 24 however, I am running some cheap, steel, 90mm, cotterless cranks.

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