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any 26" tire will do. long as it's not too wide or tall.

A 24X2.6" Kenda Kinetics will fit on one of the newer 24ers, so a 26X2.6 Kinetics should fit the 26 LX. Be forwarned, tires labeled the same width can be significantly wider or narrower than each other and therefore may not fit.

If you don't over tighten your pedals and check them before every ride you should never have any problems w/ the pedals falling out (idling and riding backwards tends to unscrew pedals). If you want strongish, light, low Q-factor cranks get these Qu-Ax cranks.

More Q-factor is good for more control at slow to moderate speeds (although some don't like it for riding skinnies). I've never ridden a uni w/ too much Q, for me, but I've ridden a lot w/ not enough.

I've thought of getting a 26" LX for tech XC - w/ 170 mm Prowheel cranks, 2.6" Kenda, and low profile Kona Wah Wah pedals.

The LX saddle is realatively well shaped, but way too hard IMO and no channel for blood flow.

Poor man's Freeride - I've thought of drilling a grid of small holes every centemeter and grinding out a channel in the center.
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Torker LX is a great uni, I commuted on the 26" LX every day through the winter. I tried to put a 2.65 cujo DH on it but it scraped the frame, however it fit a 2.5" Michelin very nicely. Enjoy the uni.
I hate rounded profile tires for muni. I've seen many 2.5" tires and all of them round. Though I've seen many narrower and wider that were square
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