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Originally Posted by UNIman7
Does anybody think the seat is kind of square? today I rode the lx alot and it was really starting to hurt, It felt like it was cutting off the bloodflow. Is there a more comfortable saddle that is somewhat inexspensive? Maybe It is somthing that you get used to becouse I rode about Two miles today. does anybody have the same problem
The LX/Miyata seat actually work for me pretty well. You can actually change the seat into an air seat pretty easily. Search around and youll find a few guides on how to do that.

Now the LX/Miyata seat and post use a different bolt pattern than the KH and any other standard Velo based seat. So you can buy a better seat, but it would also require a better post. So if you do buy new gear, just make sure the post will fit the frame, and theseat will fit the post, and youll be good to go.
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