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Kenny Cason
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Kudos for older riders learning flat skills!

For me the trick to learning uni spins was first learning to jump up, get my legs out as far as possible, then get them back in - landing on the pedals. The spin part comes later. Practice this with one hand on your seat handle and the other on a chain link fence or other stable platform.

Once you can do this while holding on to the fence try it without the fence. Build up to getting your feet out as far as possible, expect to miss the pedals a few times at first.

Then, when you try including the spin, focus on getting your feet out as far as possible (do you see a pattern here). If your feet get out far enough you won't have trouble hitting them on the wheel when it comes around. I also find it easier to to 180's with the seat pointing backwards, so you land with the seat pointing forwards. Could just be me.
- Kenny
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