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Jump mounting was a huge leap forward, so to speak, in my own skills progression. On a 20" wheel there is nothing particularly difficult about the jump mount, except for the psychological part. I practiced the jump mount on soft grass with shin guards, to avoid the pain of getting whacked in the shin when missing the front pedal. When I started learning the jump mount, I was riding seat-in. Attempting the jump mount into a SI position seems, in retrospect, harder than landing the jump mount SIF, as I typically do now. The other day I rode up a steep horse trail, UPDing several times along the way. I was able to use the jump-mount on the incline; if I didn't have this skill, I would have probably walked up the rest of the hill.

Back to the psychology of the jump-mount: If you can do it, you will be more brave about trying other things. By putting the most intense experience at the beginning of your ride, everything else seems not so scary. And your unicycling will be more interesting to you and bystanders if you learn a variety of mounts.

Keep up the good work!
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