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Originally Posted by battleshiplinoleum View Post
I cannot comment on the method and the accuracy yet,
but compliments on the well-structured post and colourful picture!
Thanks. It took me a while to clarify my explanation and make the picture, so I appreciate the compliment.

I first posted wheel build in the Schlumpf hub thread:

That original post had a much less clear explanation of spoke lengths, so I hope this will clear it up. I also made a few incorrect guesses in determining spoke length. I originally thought the spoke lengths would likely vary between the lengths calculated for a 32h hub/rim and those for a 36h hub/rim. I bought spokes at 2 lengths in-between the 2 calculated values, but it turned out I need 4 different lengths to make it work. I then had to grind down some o f the spokes and dig up some spares I had to get the correct lengths.

It would be interesting to tweak the equations used for spoke length to calculate lengths for 32h rims to 36h hubs and vice versa. I thought about doing this instead of just guessing at spoke lengths, but usually by the time I start my unicycle projects, the nerdly part of my brain is already done for the day.
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