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I have one, but he currently resides in a box. We remodeled our guest bathroom from "Che Flamingo" to "New everything and classy looking". All the flamingos came out.

But then we moved to a new house! New guest bathroom is decorated in half flamingos (just pictures) and half unicycling pictures. The uni toilet paper guy would go good in there, so I may consider doing the "upgrade". If I can find that guy. Lots of boxes!

Why flamingos, you say? It's a long story, but short version is that all Miyata unicycles were called Flamingos (their giraffe was Long Flamingo). Flamingos stand on one leg so I guess that's why they chose that bird...

I also have the paper towel version of that guy. No place to put it up in our new kitchen so it's currently also in a box. Unless it's still at the old house....
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