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Originally Posted by Gilby View Post
I bought a new KH muni a couple years ago and hated the flatness of the seat it came with (I think it was the "One" instead of the zero).
I ordered mine on purpose with the Zero (the One wasn't out yet), with the intention of putting it on my Road uni later. I definitely did not like it one bit on the Muni!
Originally Posted by Gilby
John and I (and others that started with that) probably still prefer the very old style Miyata seat, and it's probably because that's just what we got used to back in the day.
There's definitely something to that, though I did not do huge amounts of riding on an *undoctored* Miyata seat; we started stuffing extra foam in there quite early. This gave them more cushion, which was probably better for practicing tricks & such, but possibly worse if we were into long road rides. Which we mostly weren't because 36" unicycles didn't come out until many years later. Yes, I had a 45" wheel, which I sometimes took on rides of up to 40 miles or so. Interestingly, until very recently it only had the Schwinn saddle that it came with, and a custom made sheepskin cover over that since 1985. Only after the sheepskin got pretty shabby and gross did I switch to a different saddle, a few years back. But that uni seldom gets ridden on rides longer than a parade. Or for purposes other than a parade...
Originally Posted by Gilby
I guess we need one of those cool apps that will scan your body shape and suggest the best seat for you. Who wants to build that app?
A crotch scanner app? Pass.

I imagine there's something like that for bikes (along with a much larger market for actual seat-dimension variety). Getting crotch dimensions would be half the battle, but I think we would learn there are other factors that matter for riders, beyond the type of riding being done.
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