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Check your cleat float

I adjust my cleats so the heel of each shoe will fully engage the shift buttons while being within the free floating zone of the pedal. If you mount the shoes in the pedal without your feet in them you can easily test the adjustment.

The greater problem for me was hopping and rolling hops without accidentally hitting the shift buttons.

Twisting out of your normal riding position may also create issues to your surprise.

On one morning commute riding uphill juggling in front of thirty college students waiting at a bus stop I threw one ball slightly astray while watching the crowd. While lunging to making a quick reach and grab for the stray ball I accidentally hit a shift button and immediately proceeded to upd. In the crash I had managed to unclip, drop all my balls, and slide to a stop just past the crowd. The balls rolled back down the street eventually stopping scattered in front of everyone. I donít think anyone said a word as I checked my wounds, remounted, and proceeded on my way.

I assume they mustíve decided I had sufficiently humiliated myself and needed no further assistance.

Usually I can manage unintentional shift if my speed is within range of the gear change.

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