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Originally Posted by song View Post
Youíre a former trade union official, but you support Macronís labor policies? Well, the union I used to belong to (the AFT) always campaigned for politicians who supported similar measures, so I guess itís no surprise.
In the good old times we were called 'social traitors'
a recent poll showed that an overwhelming majority of trade-unionist supported Macron.
the general mood is that we are certainly going to be disappointed but that all other options were far worse !

Now elections in France were really funny ... a real firework! You had members of the same party supporting conflicting options (for instance, in my constituency, members of the green party supporting a 'bolivarian' candidate when other members of the same party did support her opponent ), you could see support for 'Macronists' coming from members of the communist party AND members of conservative 'republicans' ... funny!
Imagine that in the US: a new party pops out from nowhere just in between democrats and republicans and grabs the presidency and the majority in the senate!
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