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The PCF would have probably totally disappeared without a local anchorage. My brother lives in a very wealthy small town: a big dam being on its territory, they get a lot of money for that (tax on businesses). The town has had a "communist" mayor for the past 30 years. It has the biggest public library in the area, a pre-school/kindergarten, a canteen, a sport centre with lots of very affordable activities (from karate to ping-pong), a cultural centre (nephews play the piano and the trumpet) and so on. The other town on that territory has a similar budget. They have a bigger police force, one (private) tennis court and a (private) swimming pool, a lot of flowers across the city and the 16th century castle looks like it was built yesterday. Guess which town has a declining aging population?

I'm coning to Paris around May 22 for a few days. Can you write me back channel and exchange emails, if you'll be there?

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