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Originally Posted by song View Post
The US-led war killed 3 million people in North Korea and flattened every city, every town and every dam, causing flooding and mass starvation for the survivors of the bombing. Huge amounts of napalm were used on those people, along with some chemical and probably biological weapons. North Koreans know this, even if most Westerners have no idea.
I have no doubt about the horrors and savagery of past (and/or present) wars. What I do doubt is how much every North Korean knows. They have access only to propaganda. Only one state-sponsored TV channel, no Internet and, if we are to believe what former residents tell us, extreme amounts of indoctrination/brainwashing. People killed for expressing opinions. Whole families killed for saying something bad about the Kims. Not a nice place.

But I can't think of any type of war that would help those people. I hope our leaders are interested in what's good for people, more than they care about what's good for the military-industrial complex, and the size of our President's dick.
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