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Kim Il-sung smashed the 7th US Cavalry Regiment, just as the Native Americans had done 76 years earlier at Little Bighorn, in Montana. He stopped the US-led drive to erase North Korea from the map, and these heroic victories give a certain legitimacy to the Stalinist regime that he founded, which has only been reinforced by subsequent decades of American warmongering. In the 1990s, Colin Powell said he wanted to turn North Korea into “a charcoal briquet,” and that’s pretty much what Trump and Mike “The Sword Is Ready” Pence are saying right now.

The US-led war killed 3 million people in North Korea and flattened every city, every town and every dam, causing flooding and mass starvation for the survivors of the bombing. Huge amounts of napalm were used on those people, along with some chemical and probably biological weapons. North Koreans know this, even if most Westerners have no idea.

Every April, though, North Korea hosts the International Spring Friendship Festival to celebrate the birthday of Kim Il-sung, and flies musicians into Pyongyang from all over the world, including the United States. A violinist who played that festival a few times told me he encountered a 50-member men’s choir there from Atlanta, and also a girl, -a flute player, I think- who was from Tennessee and had never been outside the US before!
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