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Originally Posted by Pinoclean View Post
My mistake about the welds. Though not a mistake about the 32mm bearings being rubbish. I know a 48kg 13 yr old who has broken 4 pairs of them. I know a good rider who is 68kg who destroyed them in 3 weeks of flatland. Any serious riding even for a light person will break them, and if you tighten the bearing holders too much (I suspect this may have been an issue with the 13 yr old) it also destroys them. When I say too much I mean the amount you need to tighten them to stop them coming undone when you don't have Loctite. Loctite is a necessity of you want them to not come loose.

Doesn't happen with 42s.

Udc Brought the size in using dual 32mm bearings to make up the width, those were rubbish so they ended up making double thickness single bearings, they are still almost as bad.
So basically all the supposedly high-end unis have issues. The KH20 snaps, the IG has cheese bearings, pick your poison. What's the word on the trials Nimbus Equinox though? The frame looks skinny and flimsy but is it? I'm beginning to get the feeling all unicycles are made of cheese.

Originally Posted by song View Post
Yes, a neighbor of mine was killed 17 years ago on American Airlines Flight 587, which went down after the rudder fell off. Metal fatigue was partly blamed, I think. Metal fatigue was also mentioned in the case of that Southwest Airlines flight a few weeks ago where a passenger was killed by being sucked halfway out of the plane after fragments of one of its turbines knocked out the window next to her. Airport security keeps getting more invasive, but maintenance of aging fleets of aircraft keeps getting outsourced, cut back and downsized. Many US airlines now have their maintenance done in the US South, where the mechanics have no unions, or even in Central America.
That's worrying...

Originally Posted by song View Post
Even if you end up doing a lot of unicycling (which most unicycle buyers do not), it will probably be months or maybe even years before you are attempting stuff that would destroy a Nimbus II (unless you are very heavy).
I'm probably underestimating the time it takes to get to even level 1.

The one I bought (and returned) a couple of weeks ago, branded 'Knight' (local Chinese brand) had a very beefy frame. The crown was forged aluminium. The frame itself seemed solid. It was a bit on the heavy side at 5.4 kg with the Maxxis CC tyre. Then there's this other one branded 'Teliang' (特亮)which looks similar to the IG but uses proper 42x22x12 bearings, price is about 200 USD:

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Unfortunately with this local Chinese brands you get very little info on specs, so there's no way of knowing what material the thing is made of etc.

Originally Posted by song View Post
I never had a Nimbus II, though. I went from a $30 unicycle (which I had to replace many parts of in order to free mount or ride more than a short distance without extreme discomfort or even occasional bleeding) to an Impact-Nimbus-KH hybrid almost-trials unicycle.
Which brand was the frame?

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