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My Giraffe, the first unicycle I ever bought. Before I purchased it in Feb. 1980, I had a "loaner" Troxel 16" piece of crap, followed much later by a borrowed Schwinn 20" and shared time on a Schwinn Giraffe.

Here it is at Clarke Quay in Singapore, where I was part of a small group doing strolling entertainment and daily focused shows for a couple of weeks in late 1994. I had the cranks, seatpost and many of the smaller parts chromed, added axle pegs, and have a white Semcycle cover stretched over a black one. It's still in pretty much that condition now, and doesn't get out nearly as much...

It's the first uni I ever owned, and would be one of the last I would ever part with, even if I rarely ride it anymore.
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