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Originally Posted by Eric aus Chemnitz View Post
I have a 24" Muni built of Qu-Ax parts and a G27.5" Muni built of QX parts and I absolutely love them.
If you want the best value for money, take a QX. KH is not so much better but way more expensive.
I was thinking about buying the QX 27.5" plus, but I can't find any detailed measurements on it. Do you know how wide the frame is?

It comes with a WTB Bridger tire, which apparently is about 73mm wide, but other popular 27.5+ tires are wider than that - Trax Fatty 3.25 is ~86, Surly Knard and Kenda Havok are 79mm. KH said his 27.5+ frame was designed for up to 84mm.

Anyway, the only info I can find on the QX frame says it fits "27.5+", and the only tire I know fits for sure is the relatively small Bridger, so I would love more detailed info!
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